Our guides are an important part of making every FX a success.

WQW guides are an important part of making every FX a success. We hire licensed, professional guides to ensure each warrior and couple receive the very best instruction and guiding Montana has to offer.

From shop guides to local independent guides and outfitters, our pool of professionals willing to help WQW grows every day. Most FXs consist of three (3) fishing days – Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Each guide selected for an FX must be able to guide all of those days. A breakdown of each day and what is expected and needed from each guide is listed below:

  • Guides meet their warrior and volunteer companion. Guides will be issued a WQW Fly-Fishing shirt, WQW hat and name tag.
  • The first half of the day will be focused on casting instruction, knots and familiarization with gear.
    In the afternoon of FF101, guides take their warrior on a private lake. All guide equipment needed for a normal walk/wade trip is needed. (i.e. flies, tippet, long handled net, etc.)
  • Guides instruct and develop the warrior’s fly-fishing abilities and knowledge to provide a solid foundation upon which to build.
  • Guides take their warrior and companion fishing for the entire day on either a float or walk/wade trip.
  • WQW provides lunches and all beverages for warriors, companions and guides.
  • Guides need to be equipped with proper fishing/guide gear dependent on type of fishing day. (i.e. boat, cooler with ice, stool/camp chair for warriors to sit in, etc.)
  • Evening event is a BBQ held at the host lodge for all individuals involved in the FX.
  • Same outline as Wednesday’s Fishing Day
  • Evening event for all individuals involved in the FX is the farewell dinner.

Interested guides are encouraged to contact Lawrence Stuemke, Director of Operations, at or (406) 585-9793.

Click here to download a guide application.