A Home for Healing


At the heart of WQW’s programs is the lodging out of which Fishing Experiences (FX’s) are based. Here, warriors find themselves in a peaceful environment, surrounded by loving volunteers in a setting far removed from hospitals, doctors, and the rigors of combat. To date, WQW has searched for and then booked the most serene, disability compliant, vacation rentals that are large enough and reasonably located near local streams, rivers, and ponds where warriors will be fishing. Facility owners who believe in our mission sometimes offer WQW a discounted – or occasionally donated – rate. But donations, while truly appreciated, are undependable year after year. Rental options are limited in number and availability, so are ADA-compatible facilities that can ensure disabled warriors are comfortable and can move with relative independence and ease.

Our dedicated “Home for Healing” will enable WQW to:

  • Provide warriors with accommodations in which all physical barriers are gone, maximizing security, camaraderie and serenity within the ADA-accessible home and among participants.
  • Be more organizationally efficient. Changing locations each FX is both time and resource intensive, requiring a different set of logistics for every FX and resulting in an inconsistent warrior experience. A dedicated facility offers consistency from program week to program week.
  • Invest in programs rather than facilities. A fluctuating vacation rental market means no guarantee from year to year of available space at an affordable price.  
  • Eliminate the “no’s.” If we grow the program but don’t have a place to house people, we will have to refuse service to more wounded veterans. A home of our own eliminates the occurrence of qualified participants being told to “re-apply next year” at a time in their lives when intervention may literally be key to their survival.


The total numbers of seen and unseen injuries arising from over a decade of war and exceptionally high-tempo operations guarantees the requirement to continue to provide therapeutic recreation and alternative healing for decades to come. Combat-related PTS and depression sometimes takes years to set in. Amputations don’t grow back. Disabilities are present for life. The DOD claims that 22 veterans a day are taking their own lives. In 2015, WQW saw a record-breaking number of applications to our program. The time for a permanent home is now. Click here to read about Quiet Waters Ranch