Dave Sterling Photo 1

Dave Sterling

U.S. Army

Originally from Placerville, CA, Dave is a medically retired Army Infantry Sergeant with the 1st Infantry Division. During his time in the Army, Dave deployed in support of OIF 1. He was wounded in an ambush after being struck with an RPG, which took Dave’s hand and half his forearm. Since retiring from the army, Dave has continued enjoying outdoor activities and his artwork through bowl turning, and, recently, photography.

Dave has found that spending time outdoors with like-minded individuals and having deep conversations with them has been pivotal in his healing process. At a recent trip to WQW Ranch, Dave said, “when I’m here, I feel like I matter, like I’m part of a team again.” This is a true testament to the hard work that WQW and its supporters are doing and how life-changing it is.

Dave hopes to relocate to Montana with his family to be a more active part of helping heal veterans.

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