Jim Collins-headshot

Jim Collins

Col, USMC (Ret.)

Jim Collins, Colonel, USMC (retired) served for 34 years in a career spanning the ranks from Private to Colonel. Initially a reconnaissance team leader in Viet Nam he subsequently became a Naval Aviator and fighter pilot flying F-4 Phantoms and F/A-18 Hornets. He commanded a squadron during Desert Storm and a Marine Aircraft Group before retiring in 2002. His wife Cherie is a retired USN Commander and Intelligence Officer. Their son Matt is currently a USN Reserve Seabee. After retirement from the Corps, Jim consulted for Booz Allen Hamilton and was a Professor with the University of San Diego School of Business graduate program. Jim has been fly fishing since he was 8 and was privileged to have been invited to the Slough Creek FX in 2013. He’s remained engaged as a volunteer companion and a FX leader for the last two years. In 2018 he was joined by his wife Cherie as a volunteer “Mom” and son Matt as a volunteer “Companion” on the same FX.

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