We are just weeks away from welcoming warriors to our 2017 programs.

As we celebrate Warriors and Quiet Waters Foundation’s (WQW’s) tenth anniversary, home-cooked meals remain vital to creating a family-like atmosphere during a warrior’s six-day Fishing Experience. In an effort to enhance a volunteer’s experience – which directly impacts the warrior experience – this winter we met with the head moms, assistant moms (and even a chef) to ask:

How can we improve your experience?” and “How can we better support you as a volunteer?”

A common theme in the responses came down to the need for more restaurant-quality kitchen tools at Quiet Waters Ranch. As a result, a “wish list” of new, high-quality tools was compiled.

With this list in hand, Chef Don (a WQW volunteer who would rather not be called “Mom”) asked Bozeman’s J&V Restaurant Supply if they could help.

We were honored when our friends at J&V said “absolutely” – and even offered a 50% discount on retail costs totaling $1,347.00.

In order for us to start the program season with the items on the wish list, we’re turning it over to you — our community. If you are wiling to help purchase the items our volunteers need, we invite you contribute any amount you can to the wish list fund. To contribute, please:

1. Call J&V at (406) 587-9303
2. Ask for Katie Martin

3. Inform Katie that you would like to make a contribution toward the Warriors and Quiet Waters Registry
4. Make your secure credit card contribution (in any amount) over the phone
5. Katie will provide WQW with your J&V receipt and mailing address
6. In April WQW will mail your J&V receipt stapled to an official WQW donation acknowledgement for tax purposes.

For questions, please contact:

Emily Sather
Community Engagement and Volunteer Manager
(406) 585-9793

Thank you for your interest in helping in this unique capacity.