pic_0450With the first FX of the year just 9 weeks away, Warriors and Quiet Waters staff and volunteers are busily preparing!  Each day progress is being made as contractors complete ADA-compatible renovations and property improvements at Quiet Waters Ranch. For the first time WQW has a home of our own, and we love showing it to donors and interested volunteers. In fact, we welcome tours regularly!

On a snowy day in December, supporter Gary Sager and his wife, Pauline, took us up on the offer for a behind the scenes tour of the ranch and home for healing. Gary entered the tour hoping to come up with a way to honor his mother and stepfather who served in Germany during the Cold War. Gary reported that it was his mother’s job to alert the civilians whenever Russian tanks entered the city. SFC John Fleming played in the Army Band. John and Wanda (photographed) were the subject of many Armed Forces publications and local media news releases. Wanda even starred in publicity movies made by the Army. After the war, the Flemings settled in the Seattle area and continued to serve as recruiters for the Army.

After their tour, Gary approached WQW with a gift; this thoughtful contribution will be commemorated through the ‘SFC Wanda L. Fleming and SFC John Fleming’ fishing docks at Quiet Waters Ranch. Here, our nation’s combat-injured will hone their fly fishing skills, gaining a means to peace and serenity wherever fishable waters may be found.

WQW welcomes others who may be interested in making a gift toward the renovations or maintenance and management endowment at Quiet Waters Ranch. Please contact development director, Gayle Whittenberg at (406) 585-9793.