Recruiting methods are evolving in an effort to make sure that we are helping veterans who will benefit from our experience the most. WQW has also expanded programming to serve military caregivers, spouses, and active duty special operations military personnel, recognizing the positive impact a Fishing Experience has upon service members who continue to experience high stress and kinetic environments. Since 2007, WQW has provided over 920 Fishing Experiences to combat veterans and spouses/caregivers from across the nation.

Success has historically been measured by freely offered alumni testimonials. In an effort to quantifiably measure the short- and long-term impact of WQW’s therapeutic programs in helping veterans, WQW has developed a pre- and post-FX survey for participants under the counsel of Dr. Aaron Sawyer, a clinical psychologist, and contractor for the Dept. of Defense.

Warrior Alumnus 2018 Couples FX Participant

It gave me a sense of purpose and drive again, which was much needed. Helped me realize my goals and motivated me to accomplish them. I began fly fishing a few months ago, but I learned SO much from the trip that now I try and go as much as I can.

SFC Bronson U.S. Army

I felt more solace than I have felt in years fishing the waters of Montana.

Victor Lapierre Army Infantryman, Purple Heart Recipient, 2016 Warrior Participant

I had the best time of my life with you all at the ranch. I haven’t been that at peace in ages. I just applied for my fishing license so hopefully I will be on the lower Illinois this Memorial Day Weekend! … I absolutely do miss you! Your knowledge and experience was amazingly helpful and considerate. Thank you again!

Sergeant Ben US Army, 2016 Warrior Participant

Thanks for getting me up to Montana for that trip . . . Really pulled me out of a bad place and literally changed my outlook on life. Because of it, I’m getting my house packed up and moving back to Missouri to be closer to my family. That trip really made me miss being around people that truly care . . . [S]ince being back, I feel like I have a better appreciation for life and a better outlook on what’s to come.

Aaron M. Sawyer PhD, LCP

This program creates positive results in a group that has sacrificed a great deal for the sake of others. They frequently report that their WQW experience has changed their lives and served as a catalyst to reengage and find meaning and purpose. Many first-time participants elect to return and serve as mentors to others in future events. As WQW’s work continues over the coming decades, the Warriors who benefit from the program’s resources now will serve as leaders and examples for the next generation of Warriors.

Testimonial 4
Warrior Spouse 2017 Couples FX Participant

Not often are spouses given a break to be truly taken care of and that break has made a world of difference in my perspective and view of the future.

Testimonial 3
Wallace and Scarlet Fanene Warrior and Spouse, 2016 Couple’s Fishing Experience Participants

The experience of being out on the river has been humbling and peaceful and we know that what we’ll take home from this experience will feed our family mentally and emotionally.

Testimonial 2
SSG Mansour 2015 Alumni FX Participant, 2015 Couple’s FX Participant

Words cannot express the gratitude for all you have done for me and my wife, and children. You all have made me want to be a better husband and father.

Ryan, USMC
Ryan, USMC 2019 Warrior Participant, 2020 Warrior Alumni Participant, 2021 Warrior Alumni Participant, 2021 Warrior Alumni Volunteer

“I stumbled upon Warriors & Quiet Waters somehow.  After reading about the organization, I decided to submit an application. To be honest, I was reluctant to do so and didn’t know if I was fitting for the opportunity as it had been nearly fifteen years at that time since I had been wounded. I am extremely glad that I went through with the application and the whole process. Having read about the Solo FX on the website, I knew it was going to be a big opportunity but wasn’t expecting how amazing it truly was.”

James, USMC
James, USMC 2021 Warrior Participant

“This experience has helped me to understand that just being me is ok.”

Rob, U.S. Army
Rob, U.S. Army 2021 Warrior Participant

“This week was about so much more than just fishing. In terms of helping me indirectly with my mental health, this has been the most impactful program I have been exposed to as a veteran.”

Laura, Caregiver
Laura, Caregiver 2021 Caregiver Participant

“Before coming to WQW, I felt very alone as a Caregiver. I now know there is a whole community of people out there who understand me and my day-to-day and are here to support me.”

Testimonial 1
SSG Gibson 2013 Warrior Participant, 2014 Couple’s Participant, 2015 Alumni Participant

WQW is more than a place to just fly fish. It offers veterans a chance to connect with each other and create lasting relationships.

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