Just FKN Ask: Preventing Suicide and Saving Veteran Lives

Warriors & Quiet Waters Foundation is partnering with the Overwatch Project, the MSU Veteran Department of Veteran Services, and ASMSU.

Veterans: Have you ever been worried that a fellow veteran is suicidal? Are you worried about a friend right now? Join us for an Overwatch Project veteran suicide prevention training presented in partnership with Bozeman’s Warriors & Quiet Waters Foundation and the MSU Veteran Support Center

The goal of this training is to save lives by equipping veterans to #JustFKNAsk – and successfully intervene with their buddies to discuss and make plans for protective firearms storage measures when a life is on the line. Basically, the Overwatch Project is building the equivalent of the “Friends Don’t Let Friends Drive Drunk” campaign for veterans, only instead of talking about alcohol and vehicles, it is focused on guns and suicide. 

The Overwatch Project isn’t your usual suicide prevention initiative. It’s gritty and blunt and in-your-face, as it takes on a topic that is often taboo: the intersection of firearms and veteran suicide. It works from within the veteran community to empower vets to ask the right question at the right time – before it’s too late. 

Come learn with us – let’s save lives together. 

Event Details:

When: Tuesday, September 14 at 6 p.m.

Where: SUB Ballroom A at Montana State University

Who: All are invited, veterans are highly encouraged to attend

Cost: This event is free, tickets must be reserved in advance or at the door

“We partnered with the Overwatch Project and the MSU Veteran Support Center on this training because we believe that equipping veterans to have conversations about firearms when veterans are in crisis is one of the missing pieces in suicide prevention.”

Brian Gilman, WQW’s CEO

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