To measure our program’s effectiveness, WQW collaborated with Dr. Aaron Sawyer, a program evaluation specialist with experience assessing Dept. of Defense psychological health and traumatic brain injury programs. We developed a survey assessing key outcomes of the Fishing Experiences. The items were adapted from World Health Organization Quality of Life and Disability Assessment Scale measures. In 2016, we administered the survey to participating warriors one week prior to attending WQW and three months post-event. The analysis of the data found that three months after the FX, survey participants experienced:

– a large increase in having control over one’s life
– a large increase in satisfaction with sleep
– a modest increase in ability to manage barriers or challenges
– a modest increase in satisfaction with participating in community activities

– a modest increase in quality of life
Thank you for partnering WQW to make strides toward our shared vision of successful reintegration, better mental health, healthier relationships, and a greater sense of purpose among post-9/11 combat veterans.