Warriors and Quiet Waters Foundation currently offers six unique programmatic strategies to support the long-term healing and reintegration of post-9/11 combat veterans.

If you are a warrior applying to participate in a therapeutic Fishing Experience, you must participate in a Solo Fishing Experience prior to being eligible for a Couple’s, Alumni, or Coaching Fishing Experience. Each inquiry is thoroughly reviewed by the Director and Deputy Director of Warrior Services. For more information on program selection please click here.

The Solo Fishing Experience

A Solo Fishing Experience (FX) brings six first-time warrior participants together for a week of camaraderie. Participation in a therapeutic Fly Fishing Experience may be the first time a warrior has asked for, or accepted, help. It may be his or her first time stepping onto the path of emotional healing. Outcomes often include a reduction in feelings of isolation, better mental health, and improved relationships.

The Couples Fishing Experience

A Couple’s Fishing Experience (FX) brings six couples together to share their common experience for six days. Couples events recognize the unique challenges of post-combat relationships. On a Couples FX, warriors and their spouses get to spend uninterrupted days on the water mending lines, and hearts, one cast at a time.

Women’s Fishing Experience

The Women’s FX brings six female post-9/11 combat veterans together to share their common experience for six days. This FX is supported by all female volunteers and follows the same structure as a Solo FX.

Military Caregiver Fishing Experience

The Caregiver FX is specifically for primary caregivers of post-9/11 combat veterans. Similar format as a Solo FX but with additional opportunities for compassionate self-care built in.

Coaching Fishing Experience

The Coaching FX pairs warrior alumni with their own certified, professional coach whose primary role is to support alumni in accomplishing a significant personal or professional goal over 12 months time. This is an intense, year-long program that requires a great deal of willingness and active participation.