Interested in Guiding for WQW?

Guides are vital to a warrior’s experience.
  • WQW hires licensed, professional guides to ensure each participant receives the best instruction and guiding that Montana has to offer.
  • Most FXs consist of three (3) fishing days – Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Each guide selected for an FX must be able to guide all of those days. A breakdown of each day and what is expected from each guide is listed below.
  • Guides meet the Director of Operations at a pre-determined location before warriors arrive. Logistics will be reviewed and special accommodations, land owner requests will be discussed. Guides will be issued a WQW Fly-Fishing shirt, WQW hat, and name tag. Guides are asked to wear this uniform whenever guiding for WQW.
  • Travel to FF101 Location, a private body of water in the Gallatin or Paradise Valleys.
  • All guides will be paired up with a warrior and a volunteer companion.
  • The first half of the day is focused on casting instruction, knots and familiarization with gear. Guides must supply flies, tippet, long handled net, etc.
  • Guides instruct and develop the warrior’s fly-fishing abilities and knowledge to provide a solid foundation upon which to build.
  • Guides transport warrior and companion for a day of fishing, either a float or walk/wade trip at a location determined by the Director of Operations in conjunction with input from lead guides.
  • WQW provides lunches and all beverages for warriors, companions and guides.
  • Guides need to be equipped with proper fishing/guide gear dependent on type of fishing day. (i.e. boat, cooler with ice, stool/camp chair for warriors to sit in, etc.)
  • The day concludes with an evening BBQ at Quiet Waters Ranch.
  • Same outline as Wednesday’s Fishing Day
  • Evening event for all individuals involved in the FX is the farewell dinner.