The following e-mail was sent to WQW’s volunteer manager from Kristian Timmons, a new volunteer and former officer in the United States Air Force, currently serving in the Montana Air National Guard. Calvin is the warrior he was paired with.

I wanted to say thank you for everything this past week. Being a volunteer for this organization has been a huge honor. I wanted to let you know something that has hit me pretty hard today.

So often as an aircrew member flying in combat we get mission focused and lose sight of what impacts we have on others. We get into the habit of just seeing numbers. Passengers. Cargo. Wounded. On and off the aircraft.

After talking to Calvin I learned he was injured on October 4th 2012, and flown to Kandahar. The next day, October 5th he was flown on a C-130 from Kandahar to Bagram for further medical treatment. I was in Afghanistan during that time and was curious as to where I was on those days. Today I found my folder with all of my flight logs and flight times on it. On October 5th I flew what’s called a Hope Mission, which is an aeromedical evacuation mission under the Callsign Bandage 34. These missions were only flown every 2-3 days. On that mission we picked up 2 patients in Kandahar and flew them to Bagram. Bottom line, I flew Calvin the day after he was wounded.

Thank you guys at WQW for not only helping the lives of the Warriors, but also making an impact on the volunteers. I wanted to share this story to let you know the ripple effect that this program has on others.

(L-R: Josh (Guide), Calvin and Kristian celebrate a successful landing during Fly Fishing 101)