I hadn’t met Pete or Jeanie until recently, when I gave them a tour of Quiet Waters Ranch. Jeanie sweetly asked if they could bring her father, Hobie, a WW2 Veteran, to which I replied, “Of course.” I was struck by their family’s love and admiration for one another. While Hobie doesn’t have any short term memory left, boy does he light up when you talk about fly fishing!

Later, I asked Pete and Jeanie if we could take a photograph of them with Hobie, to accompany their monthly donor feature. In this photograph, their hands rest upon the rods that Hobie built for both Pete and Jeanie in 1988. What you can’t see are the corduroy rod cases that were sewn by Hobie’s wife (Jean) of 70 years. 

Before I left, Jeanie said she thinks her dad’s secret to a long and happy life is gratitude. May you find yourselves grateful today.