Join Warriors & Quiet Waters and fellow post-9/11 combat veterans or caregivers for a week of recreational therapeutic programming in the mountains where you’ll thrive. This application is open for first-time Warrior or Caregiver participants.

What to Expect

Our goal is to provide you the opportunity to thrive and find a renewed sense of purpose after service through fly fishing. At Warriors & Quiet Waters, you’ll

  • Experience a week of fly-fishing and camaraderie in pristine natural setting at no cost to you
  • Receive top-of-the-line fly fishing gear from Simms to use and take home
  • Be paired with a group of up to 6 veterans or caregivers who will be going through their first program with us
  • Stay in your own room at Quiet Waters Ranch with cell phone reception and Wifi
  • Have down time so you can call home or reflect on your time with us
  • Be paired with a professional fly-fishing guide and a volunteer companion
  • Eat home-cooked meals made by our loving volunteers
  • Experience the vast outdoors of Montana and fish Blue Ribbon trout streams or private waters

What is an FX?

An FX is what we call a Fishing Experience. A Fishing Experience (FX) is your introduction to all the programs we offer here at Warriors & Quiet Waters.

Who is an FX for?

Our FXs and alumni programming are for post-9/11 combat veterans and their loved ones who are looking for a new way to connect, grow, explore purpose, and thrive.

While our application is open to all post-9/11 combat veterans, our selection process strives to select and place applicants with the greatest need. Even if all selection criteria are met, selection for our programs (first-time and Alumni programs) is solely at the discretion of Warriors & Quiet Waters.

  • Must be a Post-9/11 Combat Veteran
  • Must provide a DD214 Member-4
    • If active duty, current service record will be requested
  • Must be committed to positive growth
  • Must be willing to engage in a supportive group environment

All applications are thoroughly reviewed by Chief Program Officer Saul Martinez and Program Director Audrey Chorak.

Meet the people behind WQW

Team Leaders and Assistant Team Leaders

Team Leaders and Assistant Team Leaders

The Team Leader (TL) and Assistant Team Leader (ATL) are both experienced volunteers who help to make sure the FX runs smoothly. They also work closely with WQW staff members to execute a successful FX. They provide thoughtful oversight logistics.



Companions spend each day with you, keeping safety at the forefront and helping when needed. Each participant is paired with their own companion and are there to support you in whatever way you need as you learn a new skill.

Professional Fly Fishing Guides

Professional Fly Fishing Guides

Each participant will be a part of a trio for the week made up of the Warrior, their companion, and their fly fishing guide. The guide is a professional and licensed guide who will teach you the basics of fly fishing and guide you throughout the week.



Our “Moms” and “Dads” make Quiet Waters Ranch feel like home. They instill a warm, caring presence. They provide delicious home-cooked meals for everyone on the FX. During most programs, they work in teams of four to prepare your meals throughout the week.

We help you thrive by

  • Creating a safe and peaceful environment where veterans can make meaning of their service
  • Providing the life skill of finding solitude in nature and learning to relax and solve problems outside of combat situations
  • Helping you build new and meaningful relationships and strengthen existing ones
  • Teaching and equipping you to fly fish to reap the healing benefits for life
  • Reconnecting you with a military community
  • Providing enduring support even after the FX is complete

Here’s What Participants Are Saying

Ryan, USMC

Ryan, USMC

“I stumbled upon Warriors & Quiet Waters somehow.  After reading about the organization, I decided to submit an application. To be honest, I was reluctant to do so and didn’t know if I was fitting for the opportunity as it had been nearly fifteen years at that time since I had been wounded. I am extremely glad that I went through with the application and the whole process. Having read about the Solo FX on the website, I knew it was going to be a big opportunity but wasn’t expecting how amazing it truly was.”

James, USMC

James, USMC

“This experience has helped me to understand that just being me is ok.”

Rob, U.S. Army

Rob, U.S. Army

“This week was about so much more than just fishing. In terms of helping me indirectly with my mental health, this has been the most impactful program I have been exposed to as a veteran.”

Laura, Caregiver

Laura, Caregiver

“Before coming to WQW, I felt very alone as a Caregiver. I now know there is a whole community of people out there who understand me and my day-to-day and are here to support me.”

Why join us for an FX?

  • World-class fly fishing guides with years of experience giving the gift of fly fishing and connection to veterans
  • Experienced volunteers and staff — both military veterans and civilians — who are commited to enabling you to thrive
  • You’ll find solitude in nature and learn a skill that creates the space for you to find peace, make meaning of your military experiences, and envision what a thriving life looks like for yourself
  • You will join hundreds of other post-9/11 combat veterans or caregivers who have become part of the WQW Family

Every FX comes with the opportunity to thrive in your post-service life

Invest in yourself. Find purpose. Experience peace. Have meaningful connection.

Still have questions?

How long is a typical day during an FX?

A typical day starts around 7:30am and ends anywhere from 8:00-10:00pm depending on your interest in the evening’s activities.

What do we do during the week?

Do I get to keep the gear issued to me?

YES! Everything from the SIMMS gear to the smallest fly is yours to keep. Our goal is to set you up with the equipment you need so you can continue to fish independently if you choose without gear acquisition being an issue.

Is there an opportunity to return once I’ve participated in an FX?

YES! WQW strives to build long-term relationships with our participants and we are always looking to have you return for progressive programming or as a volunteer.

Warriors who attend a WQW Solo FX are not guaranteed an invitation to return for a Couples FX or other programs.

Can I bring my Service Dog?

YES! Legitimately trained and recognized service dogs are welcome. The handler must provide all food, working equipment and waste handling items while on an FX. We also request the handler ensures his/her dog behaves properly and is under voice control while on a WQW event. **Airport travel with a service dog is at the responsibility of the handler. This includes contacting the specific airline/airport prior to travel with the service dog if necessary.

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