Our application window for 2021 programs is closed. If you have questions regarding participating in a Fishing Experience, please fill out our inquiry form. You will then be added to our email notification list when our application window opens.

If you have questions regarding programming, or would like to be added to our email reminder list when our application is live, please email the Director of Programs, Saul Martinez.

Through outreach and strategic partnerships, Warriors & Quiet Waters Foundation (WQW) identifies individuals who can benefit from a WQW Fishing Experience (FX). Military service documents (i.e. DD 214s, disability ratings, etc), applications, and inquiries are thoroughly evaluated by our Director of Programs, Saul Martinez a former Army Infantryman and Purple Heart recipient, and Deputy Director of Programs, Audrey Chorak.

Fishing Experiences are hosted at Quiet Waters Ranch. Click below to tour the 112-acre property.


  • be a Post-9/11 combat veteran
  • provide DD214 Member-4 copy and current photo (If the applicant is active duty, we will request other service documentation or contact current command as necessary).
  • be committed to positive growth and learning.
  • if you are a caregiver, we require the above information on your care recipient.

Selection for a WQW event is NOT GUARANTEED even if all program criteria are met. Selection is at WQW’s discretion and we appreciate your understanding.

Warrior Spouse 2017 Couples FX Participant

Not often are spouses given a break to be truly taken care of and that break has made a world of difference in my perspective and view of the future.

Wallace and Scarlet Fanene Warrior and Spouse, 2016 Couple’s Fishing Experience Participants

The experience of being out on the river has been humbling and peaceful and we know that what we’ll take home from this experience will feed our family mentally and emotionally.

SSG Mansour 2015 Alumni FX Participant, 2015 Couple’s FX Participant

Words cannot express the gratitude for all you have done for me and my wife, and children. You all have made me want to be a better husband and father.

SSG Gibson 2013 Warrior Participant, 2014 Couple’s Participant, 2015 Alumni Participant

WQW is more than a place to just fly fish. It offers veterans a chance to connect with each other and create lasting relationships.


  • WQW has an active ZERO ALCOHOL policy on all FXs.
  • WQW also has a SERVICE DOG acknowledgment and agreement that allows the dogs to go fishing with participants.
  • Limited mobility/wheelchair-bound individuals are highly encouraged to apply. Our staff, guides, and volunteers are well-versed at accommodating various types of disabilities and conditions to ensure a positive and rewarding experience. Quiet Waters Ranch is also ADA compliant.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is a typical day during an FX?

A typical day starts around 7:30am and ends anywhere from 8:00-10:00pm depending on your interest in the evening’s activities.

What do we do during the week?

Do I get to keep the gear issued to me?

YES! Everything from the SIMMS gear to the smallest fly is yours to keep. Our goal is to set you up with the equipment you need so you can continue to fish independently if you choose without gear acquisition being an issue.

Is there an opportunity to return once I’ve participated in an FX?

YES! There are two ways that a warrior who truly embraces the objectives of the program can return once he or she has participated in a Solo FX.: 

  • The first way is as an alumni Companion. By fulfilling the role of Volunteer Companion, alumni support the experience of  a fellow Warrior in his/her first Solo FX.
  • The second way is on a Couples FX for you and your spouse. You must be married to participate in a Couples FX.
  • Warriors who attend a WQW Solo FX are not guaranteed an invitation to return for a Couples or other programs.

Can I bring my Service Dog?

YES! Legitimately trained and recognized service dogs are welcome. The handler must provide all food, working equipment and waste handling items while on an FX. We also request the handler ensures his/her dog behaves properly and is under voice control while on a WQW event. **Airport travel with a service dog is at the responsibility of the handler. This includes contacting the specific airline/airport prior to travel with the service dog if necessary

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