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At Warriors & Quiet Waters Foundation (WQW), we believe that we are part of the solution regarding our nation’s injured defenders by providing a respite from the stresses of war, the monotony of lengthy hospital stays and traditional therapy, and the many day-to-day struggles involved in their journey home.

Warrior Spouse 2017 Couples FX Participant

Not often are spouses given a break to be truly taken care of and that break has made a world of difference in my perspective and view of the future.

Wallace and Scarlet Fanene Warrior and Spouse, 2016 Couple’s Fishing Experience Participants

The experience of being out on the river has been humbling and peaceful and we know that what we’ll take home from this experience will feed our family mentally and emotionally.

SSG Mansour 2015 Alumni FX Participant, 2015 Couple’s FX Participant

Words cannot express the gratitude for all you have done for me and my wife, and children. You all have made me want to be a better husband and father.

SSG Gibson 2013 Warrior Participant, 2014 Couple’s Participant, 2015 Alumni Participant

WQW is more than a place to just fly fish. It offers veterans a chance to connect with each other and create lasting relationships.

How you can help

How you can help

We support the healing process of post-9/11 combat veterans and their loved ones through the generosity of people like you. Please join us in supporting their unique and powerful journeys.

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Water can be healing.Fly fishing is peaceful. This week, 6 Warriors are in Montana for a solo Fishing Experience (FX) with WQW.Today, we’re headed up to the Missouri River to chase wild trout. Stay tuned for updates, and thanks for following WQW!#warriorsandquietwaters #wqw #flyfishing #veterans #veteranswhofish #montana #peace #combatveterans #fishing #trout
Call for Volunteers!WQW has 2 different upcoming volunteer opportunities.-Are you a fisherperson looking for a one-day-only commitment to a Fishing Experience? We need companions for Fly-Fishing 101 day on our Couples FXs to lend an extra hand as the guides teach the basics to the returning Warrior while their partner learns from the guide!Dates: April 13 or October 12-Are you a female volunteer who would like to dedicate a week of time to be a companion for our Caregiver participants?Dates: May 17-22 or August 16-21If you are interested in volunteering, email volunteers@wqwf.org. Volunteers will be selected after interviews and are not guaranteed to be placed.#WarriorsAndQuietWaters #WQW #volunteerbozeman #fishing #volunteeropportunities #volunteerfishing #flyfishing #vso #volunteerwithvets
WQW’s Executive Director taking one for the team. Someone’s gotta make sure the fish are biting before the Warriors head north for this week’s Ice Fishing Experience! #icefishingnation #montanaoutdoors #icefishinglife #firsttimeicefisher #marinecorps #warrioranglers #iceisnice #fishinmontana
👊 Last week we met up with our friends from @msukappasig for the presentation of proceeds raised at Sushi for Soldiers. 🍣 And they gave us this awesome banner signed by the Brothers that now proudly hangs in WQW’s office!! Thank you for your service and leadership Kappa Sig! 👏 You are truly a group that leads by example. @msukappasig @kappasigmahq #service #philanthropy #kappasigmacares #kappasigmafraternity #sushiforsoldiers #sevensushi
There are lots of ways to help! Recently someone donated a bison to WQW that was processed by Yellowstone Wild Game Processing and will feed Warriors and their loved ones this year! Here is @3dogoutfitters posing with such this generous and unique donation! 🥩🍔🧆#bison #nutrition #fitforawarrior #grateful #bbq #bisonsteak
📣 We are excited to announce that WQW is one of six Veterans Service Organizations who have been selected as @jordanspiethfamfoundation 2021 Community Partners! 🙏 Thank you to the #JSFF Team for your commitment to supporting military families by sponsoring part of a Family Fishing Experience this year — the first of its kind for WQW, and one more step towards providing recreational-based programs that serve the family unit. #grateful #buildingcommunity #strengtheningfamilies #communitypartners #veteranfamilies #militaryfamilies #familieswhofish #familieswhofishtogether #fishon #flyfishing
Looking for the perfect holiday gift for your loved ones? Gift the gift that gives back by making a tax-deductible gift in Honor or Memory of your loved ones. Check out the link in bio!#warriorsandquietwaters #bozeman #montana #happyholidays #flyfishing #give #veterans
On November 10, 1775 the Second Continental Congress set forth a decree to establish the Continental Marines. Today, our Corps celebrates its 245th birthday.  Across the globe, United States Marines gather wherever they are – from large bases and installations in the United States to our smallest diplomatic posts overseas – to pause and reflect on our Corps’ legacy and what it means to be a United States Marine. From the Halls of Montezuma, to the shores of Tripoli, to the wheat fields of Belleau Wood, to the beaches of Iwo Jima, to the streets of Fallujah, and the deserts and mountains of Afghanistan, Marines have fought and won our Nation’s battles, forging the legacy that is embodied by our Corps values of Honor, Courage, and Commitment. Happy Birthday, Marines! Semper Fidelis, The WQW Team
On October 7, 2001, U.S. military forces unleashed ‘Operation Enduring Freedom’ and attacked the Taliban Regime in Afghanistan with support of the former Northern Alliance. Mazar-i-Sharif was captured on November 9 2001, followed by control of most of northern Afghanistan, and Kabul fell on November 13 after the Taliban unexpectedly fled the city. 19 years later, the war in Afghanistan is the longest in US history. Since the start of combat operations in Afghanistan in 2001, more than 2,400 US military have been killed in combat operations and over 20,000 wounded in action in the 19 years of conflict. Please join WQW today and take a moment to remember our fallen, our wounded, and all those who have served and sacrificed for our freedom in Afghanistan.#service #military #sacrifice #veterans #montana

Success has historically been measured by freely offered alumni testimonials. In an effort to quantifiably measure the short and long-term impact of WQW’s therapeutic programs, WQW has partnered with Syracuse University’s Institute for Veterans and Military Families (IVMF) to construct a pre- and post-FX survey, as well as an annual survey for participants. IVMF is tasked with providing WQW with direct evaluation services and capacity-building support for the purpose of improving our programs and communicating our impact to current stakeholders, participants, and potential funders and partners.

It Started With a Vice

It Started With a Vice

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Mother’s Day Memories – When My Brother Left for the Army

Mother’s Day Memories – When My Brother Left for the Army

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