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At Warriors & Quiet Waters Foundation (WQW), we believe that we are part of the solution regarding our nation’s injured defenders by providing a respite from the stresses of war, the monotony of lengthy hospital stays and traditional therapy, and the many day-to-day struggles involved in their journey home.

Warrior Spouse 2017 Couples FX Participant

Not often are spouses given a break to be truly taken care of and that break has made a world of difference in my perspective and view of the future.

Wallace and Scarlet Fanene Warrior and Spouse, 2016 Couple’s Fishing Experience Participants

The experience of being out on the river has been humbling and peaceful and we know that what we’ll take home from this experience will feed our family mentally and emotionally.

SSG Mansour 2015 Alumni FX Participant, 2015 Couple’s FX Participant

Words cannot express the gratitude for all you have done for me and my wife, and children. You all have made me want to be a better husband and father.

SSG Gibson 2013 Warrior Participant, 2014 Couple’s Participant, 2015 Alumni Participant

WQW is more than a place to just fly fish. It offers veterans a chance to connect with each other and create lasting relationships.

How you can help

How you can help

We support the healing process of post-9/11 combat veterans and their loved ones through the generosity of people like you. Please join us in supporting their unique and powerful journeys.

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When fall and winter collide, it makes for some beautiful pictures.This week we’re hosting an Couples FX, meaning 6 Warriors are bringing their spouses with them to find peace and purpose together through fly fishing in Montana.#warriorsandquietwaters #veterans #veteranswhofish #flyfishing #bozeman #montana #fall #flyfish #veteran #militaryspouses #wqw #vso #warriorsfirstalways #combatveteran 📸 @studiomacleodphotos 🎣 gear by @simmsfishing and @sageflyfish
First fish of the day is released. It’s a Solo FX week here at WQW. - SGT MAC#WarriorsAndQuietWaters #veteran #vso #veteranswhofish #veterans #bozeman #montana #flyfish #flyfishmontana #wqw
9/11: Twenty Years Later - Hear Shannon's Story of Hope. Warriors & Quiet Waters: Today, on September 11, 2021, we want to honor the 20th Anniversary of 9/11. We're sharing the story of Shannon, a Navy Veteran, who served in the aftermath of 9/11. As Shannon says, "There are some amazing stories we will never know." We're incredibly humbled and honored to be able to know Shannon's. This video is dedicated to the corpsmen who gave their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan.#WarriorsAndQuietWaters #Military #911 #September11 #20years #Navy #Veteran #NavyVeteran #Afghanistan #Iraq #USMiliary #SupportVeterans
Hold Fast, Stay True. As I watch events unfold in Afghanistan today, that nautical tradition rings in my head. Hold Fast onto something sturdy, so I can weather the storm coming over the decks.  Stay True to my compass and course, so I can arrive at my destination. I am struggling watching Afghanistan fall to the Taliban. But I hold fast to the knowledge that I fought for those on my left and right. I fought to uphold the legacy of my Corps and my unit.  I fought because it was my duty. I stay true to the fidelity, commitment, and sacrifice of Heroes I witnessed — those still standing, those who were wounded, and those who we lost. I will honor the memory of our fallen and stand beside our wounded and our Gold Star Families forever. Despite what we are witnessing today, that’s what my service stands for.Semper Fidelis,Brian Gilman, Col, USMC (Ret.)CEO, WQW📸 @studiomacleodphotos#WarriorsAndQuietWaters #Veterans #HoldFastStayTrue #Veteran #afghanistan #afghanistanwar #military #vso #service #GoldStarFamilies #ServiceAboveSelf
Use What You Got, feat Saul Martinez, U.S. Army, of Warriors & Quiet Waters. In 2007, Saul was deployed to Iraq where he was wounded by an IED, resulting in the loss of both of his legs. Since then, Saul has learned to live life as an amputee. In this short video, Saul shares how people should interact with amputees, what it's like living with prosthetics, and how he reacts when kids ask about his legs.Knowing how to interact with amputees is important for all of us in the Veteran community. If you want in on an exclusive opportunity to hear Saul speak, tickets for WQW's 3rd annual Warrior Taste Fest are now on sale, where Saul will give the keynote address. Purchase your tickets through the link in our bio.Saul has been in an AT&T commercial with famed golfer Jordan Spieth, was painted by President George W. Bush in his book "Portraits of Courage" and is currently a PXG Brand Ambassador.#WarriorsAndQuietWaters #Veteran #WarriorTasteFest #Montana #ArmyVeteran #Military #Amputee #Army #Bozeman
In a first for WQW, warriors spent the day on the Missouri River as it snakes thru Upper Holter Lake and Gates of the Mountains. Bucks, bighorns, 10,000 year old pictographs, the Mann Gulch fire history, and of course Lewis & Clark were on the docket in addition to fly fishing for big rainbows. Thanks to guides Trevor and Kit for a great day on the water. — SGT MAC
New to WQW this year is our Conservation FX. For the inaugural event, six warriors are spending the week in Montana’s Ninemile Valley where they will fly fish a recently recovered stretch of creek and then learn how Trout Unlimited continues to restore Ninemile Creek to its natural state before it was mined for gold. Thanks to the WestSlope Chapter Trout Unlimited for helping to make this week happen. To see photos of the ongoing event, please visit WQWphotos.org. — SGT MAC
Meet the WQW staff.A team that works hard, puts their hearts into everything they do, and finds time to enjoy the woods expansive beauty of the Big Sky State.Because here at WQW, it’s Warriors first, always. 🇺🇸📸 @studiomacleodphotosOutfitted by @simmsfishing #WarriorsAndQuietWaters #WQW #WarriorsFirstAlways #veterans #meetthestaff #montana #bozeman #montananonprofit #vso #flyfishing #simms
Water can be healing.Fly fishing is peaceful. This week, 6 Warriors are in Montana for a solo Fishing Experience (FX) with WQW.Today, we’re headed up to the Missouri River to chase wild trout. Stay tuned for updates, and thanks for following WQW!#warriorsandquietwaters #wqw #flyfishing #veterans #veteranswhofish #montana #peace #combatveterans #fishing #trout
Call for Volunteers!WQW has 2 different upcoming volunteer opportunities.-Are you a fisherperson looking for a one-day-only commitment to a Fishing Experience? We need companions for Fly-Fishing 101 day on our Couples FXs to lend an extra hand as the guides teach the basics to the returning Warrior while their partner learns from the guide!Dates: April 13 or October 12-Are you a female volunteer who would like to dedicate a week of time to be a companion for our Caregiver participants?Dates: May 17-22 or August 16-21If you are interested in volunteering, email volunteers@wqwf.org. Volunteers will be selected after interviews and are not guaranteed to be placed.#WarriorsAndQuietWaters #WQW #volunteerbozeman #fishing #volunteeropportunities #volunteerfishing #flyfishing #vso #volunteerwithvets

Success has historically been measured by freely offered alumni testimonials. In an effort to quantifiably measure the short and long-term impact of WQW’s therapeutic programs, WQW has partnered with Syracuse University’s Institute for Veterans and Military Families (IVMF) to construct a pre- and post-FX survey, as well as an annual survey for participants. IVMF is tasked with providing WQW with direct evaluation services and capacity-building support for the purpose of improving our programs and communicating our impact to current stakeholders, participants, and potential funders and partners.

9/11: Twenty Years Later

9/11: Twenty Years Later

9/11: Twenty Years Later: Hear One Warriors & Quiet Waters Alumnae Share Her Story of Hope This video is dedicated […]

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Warriors & Quiet Waters Raises $526,000 at 3rd Annual Warrior Taste Fest

Warriors & Quiet Waters Raises $526,000 at 3rd Annual Warrior Taste Fest

This year’s Warrior Taste Fest raises $526,000, proceeds to benefit post-9/11 combat veterans and their loves ones Warriors & Quiet […]

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“The Enemy Gets a Vote” – Warrior Taste Fest Remarks by CEO Brian Gilman

“The Enemy Gets a Vote” – Warrior Taste Fest Remarks by CEO Brian Gilman

On September 10, 2021 – the day prior to the 20th anniversary of the September 11 – Warriors & Quiet […]

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