Bryan LaFumee - Warriors & Quiet Waters
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B La Fumee

Bryan LaFumee

South Region

U.S. Navy

Bryan currently resides in Tampa, Florida with his wife. Bryan grew up in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, where his grandfather and uncle introduced him to the fishing waters of the Bay Area. Upon graduating high school, Bryan joined the US Navy and served 22 years as a Navy Information Technology Specialist. He served with various Special Operations units serving 18 years at Naval Special Warfare Development Group and Headquarters US Special Operations Command. Bryan retired in 2018 after numerous deployments to Bosnia, Afghanistan, Iraq, and various other deployment locations in support of the GWOT.

Bryan has earned a Bachelor of Science in Strategic Studies from Norwich University and a Master of Business Administration from Western Governors University. Currently, Bryan still supports the Special Operations community through his role as a Senior Program Manager, providing contractor support to the US Special Operations Command.

Bryan is a Warriors & Quiet Waters alumni of the Solo FX Fishing experience and the Built for More program. He enjoys spending the majority of his free time fishing the flats and mangrove shoreline of Tampa Bay with his wife.

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