Calvin Todd - Warriors & Quiet Waters
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Calvin Todd

U.S. Army

Calvin was born and raised in New Hampshire and enlisted in the Army upon graduating college. Calvin served in the Army for four years as a combat medic and was medically retired after sustaining wounds from an IED in Afghanistan. He has been involved with WQW since 2017, where he participated in a Solo FX. Since then, Calvin has been fortunate enough to return to the ranch in other capacities as both a participant (Couples FX 18, Ice FX 18, HFP 22) and as a volunteer Team Lead (Couples FX 21 & 22).

Over the years, WQW has become more to him than just a non-profit; it has allowed him to develop into a more complete person. Calvin’s experiences as both a participant and volunteer have allowed his personal relationships and self-worth to grow. Being able to give back to an organization that has given so much to him is invaluable.

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