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Calin Brierley

South Region

U.S. Navy

Calin Brierley is a retired Navy Information Systems Technician Chief Petty Officer, a Graduate of the University of Arizona, a Warriors & Quiet Waters Built for More, and Honor Foundation Alumni. He spent most of his career assigned to USSOCOM and Naval Expeditionary Combatant Command units as a tactical communicator and communications chief, with over ten deployments and contingency operations under his belt. Currently, he is a technical consultant supporting the development of advanced unmanned systems C2 and C5ISRT capabilities.

Since retiring from the Navy, he has found a post-service calling “To use his ability to understand and read the most challenging waters, allowing me to guide others to success skillfully.” He uses this mantra daily as his guiding principle and to connect with and mentor fellow veterans. He takes people outside to share the peace he finds by being on or near water. When he lived in CA, this meant taking people surfing or to the archery range, sharing his passion for both activities.

He and his partner Melissa reside in the greater Austin, TX, area with their three dogs, Koda, an eleven-year-old Malinois, Nikko, and Amaya, both three-year-old huskies. He enjoys going outdoors, surfing, paddle boarding, hiking, backpacking, cycling, fishing, shooting, and reading broadly.

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