Noelle Corley Photo 1

Noelle Corley

South Region

U.S. Army

Noelle served 23 years in the U.S. Army in the Military Intelligence Corps. She served on a variety of assignments ranging from tactical to strategic globally. Following her honorable departure from active service, she began her doctoral program in psychology. Following this, Noelle went back to work in civil service in the Intelligence Community and worked in a variety of agencies and missions. In 2019, Noelle was diagnosed with cancer. Although she is now in remission, she recognizes life is precious and short and announced her retirement after 30 years of service to the government.

Noelle is passionate about veterans' causes including bringing recreational and health & wellness services and programs to rural Virginia where she will retire. Noelle currently lives on a 165-acre farm in the wilderness and mountains of Virginia with her husband, son, and 6 huskies. She has an established orchard. She will live out her days with her husband, son, and 6 huskies on the farm. Noelle has established an orchard on her farm and enjoys the peaceful outdoors. It is Noelle’s hope to open her farm to veterans and cancer survivors to experience a sense of community and a chance to feel the healing powers of nature in our wilderness refuge.

She looks forward to serving as a regional Ambassador for WQW as it will enable her to fulfill a goal of bringing services to area veterans.

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