Warriors & Quiet Waters CEO Shares Thoughts on US Withdrawal from Afghanistan

A Note from WQW's CEO, Brian Gilman, on the US Withdrawal from Afghanistan

Hold Fast, Stay True. As I watch events unfold in Afghanistan today, that nautical tradition rings in my head. Hold Fast onto something sturdy, so I can weather the storm coming over the decks. Stay True to my compass and course, so I can arrive at my destination.

I am struggling watching Afghanistan fall to the Taliban. But I hold fast to the knowledge that I fought for those on my left and right. I fought to uphold the legacy of my Corps and my unit. I fought because it was my duty. I stay true to the fidelity, commitment, and sacrifice of Heroes I witnessed — those still standing, those who were wounded, and those who we lost. I will honor the memory of our fallen and stand beside our wounded and our Gold Star Families forever.

Despite what we are witnessing today, that’s what my service stands for.

Semper Fidelis,
Brian Gilman, Col, USMC (Ret.)