WQW and Mystery Ranch: A Bozeman-Based Partnership

In 2011, Col Eric Hastings, co-founder of Warriors and Quiet Waters Foundation, walked into the showroom at MYSTERY RANCH and asked about a pack that could conveniently carry essential fly fishing supplies for volunteer companions on the fly Fishing Experiences (FX’s) that he was running for post-9/11 combat veterans. He walked out with eight hip packs (generously donated by MYSTERY RANCH) as well as a newfound partnership between two organizations who both support combat veterans and are headquartered in Bozeman, Montana. Since that day, MYSTERY RANCH has continued to contribute to the Quiet Waters mission of facilitating camaraderie and connection among post-9/11 combat veterans, not only through their generous product and in-kind donations, but by volunteering with the Foundation. Committed MR staff ambassadors - like Alex and Kim (pictured) - exemplify the spirit of service through their roles as WQW volunteers. Kim has been a stellar addition to the fly tying program. Alex always keeps what's best for the warriors in mind as a third year volunteer, most recently fulfilling the role of Assistant Team Leader. They are big picture thinkers and innovative leaders in the field.