Noelle Corley - Warriors & Quiet Waters
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Noelle Corley

Secretary, South Region

U.S. Army

Noelle is a retired Army veteran of 30 years having served both on active duty and as an Army Civilian in the intelligence field. Noelle supported numerous combat deployments, operations and special missions from civil relief, humanitarian to
counterterrorism and counter drug and weapons proliferation.

Noelle has been married for 30 years to CSM (Retired) John Corley. They have one son together and six miniature huskies. Noelle & John retired to a small rural mountain community in Virginia where they plan to open a veteran's B&B in the spa town of Hot Springs, VA.

Noelle enjoys hiking, river rafting, kayaking, surfing, playing music & singing, art and walks in the forest and an occasional dip in the area hot springs. After a diagnosis of cancer, Noelle dedicated her life to trying to serve others, in particular our veterans. She enjoys talking with other veterans, providing recreational outlets and helping them when she can. Volunteering with WQW provides her a mechanism to carry out this work and for that she is grateful to serve.