The Fishing Experience (FX) is the core design of each of our program models.

Each FX provides an opportunity for participants to connect with others while learning fly fishing.

Warriors & Quiet Waters prides ourselves on providing the most impactful experience possible by surrounding our participants with dedicated volunteers and professional guides that foster a beneficial environment. Our participants leave an FX feeling confident in the new skill and with a renewed sense of connection.


Warriors & Quiet Waters currently offers six unique program models to support post-9/11 combat veterans and their loved ones.

The Solo Fishing Experience

Women’s Solo Fishing Experience

The Couples Fishing Experience

Military Caregiver Fishing Experience

The Family Fishing Experience

COMMIT Partnership Fishing Experience

Coaching Fishing Experience

The Solo Fishing Experience

The Solo Fishing Experience:

A Solo Fishing Experience (FX) brings six Warriors together for a week of camaraderie and world-class fly fishing. WQW serves Warriors who are at all stages of transition and strives to create a setting for positive growth and connection. Outcomes often include a reduction in feelings of isolation, better mental health, improved relationships, and improved fly fishing skills.


We tailor our FXs each week to provide the best experience for the group. Outlined below are some of the activities a participant can expect to see on most FXs.

Arrival Day


Participants arrive in Bozeman and are met by WQW staff and volunteers. The participants are then transported to Quiet Waters Ranch (QWR) for lunch and downtime. Lunch is followed by a visit from Simms Fishing staff to be outfitted with top-of-the-line gear. Once outfitted, the participants retire to Quiet Waters Ranch. Each evening, participants can expect time to relax and delicious home-cooked meals provided by the volunteer “Mom” crew.

Fly Fishing 101


The first full day of fishing takes place on a private pond. Each participant is paired with a volunteer companion and a professional, licensed fly fishing guide. The morning is full of instruction focused on the fundamentals of fly fishing. WQW’s volunteer support crew serves an outdoor lunch before participants head to the pond to finish their instruction for the day. The group is introduced to fly-tying before the evening concludes.

Fishing Day 1


This is the participants’ first introduction to some of Montana’s premier Blue Ribbon trout streams. Each participant spends the day either floating or walking/wading with their guide and companion on one of the many public or private waters around Southwest Montana. Adaptive equipment is available as needed for the various conditions of our participants.

Fishing Day 2


The participants once again head out with their guides and companions for a full day of fishing. At day’s end, everyone involved in the week – Warriors, guides, volunteers, and a few staff members – meet at Quiet Waters Ranch for a “Sayonara” dinner.

Departure Day


Participants are transported to the airport. By now the participants have become a part of the WQW family. They also have the basic skills and equipment necessary to continue the healing craft of fly fishing independently.



  • You DO NOT have to be a Purple Heart recipient to qualify for our programs
  • Quiet Waters Ranch is 100% ADA accessible
  • All applications and service documents are thoroughly reviewed for qualifying criteria by our Chief Program Officer and Program Director.

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