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5 Silent Auction Packages You Can’t Miss

As the 5th Annual Warrior Taste Fest approaches, we are excited to invite you to participate in our online silent auction. You may be wondering, how are silent auction pieces selected? Is there a package that fits my interests? How can I support Warriors through this auction? In this blog post, we’ll answer these questions by showcasing five unforgettable silent auction packages.

The items that go into Warrior Taste Fest’s silent auction are picked with excellence, uniqueness, and support for WQW Warriors in mind. From golf, to fly fishing, to photography, to wine tasting, our silent auction contains items catered to a variety of interests. Let’s take a closer look at some packages available this year!

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Support warrior craftsmanship with a fly fishing package

Cast your bid for a truly special silent auction package. Own a piece of angling history with a meticulously crafted homemade fly rod, created by U.S. Army Veteran, John Blue. The rod is equipped with a remarkable Bozeman Reel 325 reel. This package also contains a fishing net made by WQW Alum Calvin Todd. Calvin served in the Army for four years as a combat medic and was medically retired after sustaining wounds from an IED in Afghanistan. He has been involved with WQW since 2017. Complete your fishing experience with a variety of thoughtfully selected flies. Not only will this package give you elegant, high-end fishing gear, but it also supports Warriors in their creative endeavors.


Explore the outdoors with our wilderness package

Venture into the outdoors with an onX Hunt Elite Membership. This subscription gives you access to detailed maps for all 50 states, ensuring that you have the most accurate land information at all times. Don’t forget to gear up with your Sitka Jetstream Jacket and Intercept Pant, both of which are tailored to your size and color preference! Lastly, see the beauty of the wilderness through your high-end Vortex Crossfire binoculars.


Upgrade your kitchen with Warrior-made wooden bowls

Dave Sterling is a medically retired Army Infantry Sergeant with the 1st Infantry Division. During his time in the Army, Dave deployed in support of OIF 1, and was wounded in an ambush after being struck with an RPG. Since retiring from the Army, Dave has become a WQW Alum who deeply enjoys outdoor activities, photography, and bowl turning. He has made two wooden bowls to be auctioned off this year! Dave’s plentiful talent is evident in these pieces — the rich grain patterns of walnut wood in these bowls is eye-catching, and they’ve been turned with precision.


Enjoy time with friends with the backyard party package

If you’re looking for items to kickstart a great backyard gathering, look no further. First, this package contains a durable, high-quality Rugid cooler. You’ll also receive gin and glasses from 2 Fat Guys Spirits, a distillery based in Bozeman, Montana. Finally, don’t forget decor for your backyard party: Calvin Todd, WQW Alum, has crafted a large, wooden, American flag! This sign contains curly maple, American cherry, and black walnut, and blends patriotic pride with true artistry.

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Take home a stunning photograph by Ken Scar

Ken Scar made his living as a scenic artist in theater and television for most of his life. In 2009, he made a 180-degree life change and joined the Army at the age of 40. He made it through basic training at Fort Benning in early 2010 and became a 46Q, Army photojournalist. His photographs and stories for the Army were picked up by dozens of media outlets all over the world. Ken is proud to have participated as a photographer in six FX’s to date.

Ken has donated a stunning, framed photograph to Warrior Taste Fest, and describes it as follows: “A formation of U.S. Army Soldiers with III Corps and Fort Hood honor the American flag as they lower it during the Retreat ceremony March 27, 2014. Retreat is at the end of the day, every day, at every U.S. Military base, to honor the flag, which is raised during the Reveille ceremony each morning. All activity on the base stops for the duration of both ceremonies as Soldiers pause, face the flag, and salute.”

If you are interested in these silent auction packages, you’re in luck — our page is now open for bidding! Now is the time to start bidding! The silent auction closes at 7:15MST on Friday, September 8, 2023.