The Coaching Experience: A Pilot Program for Long-Term Results

WQW's newest program is a 4-day intensive "working weekend" designed specifically to help returning WQW alumni focus on a meaningful personal or professional goal. The "Coaching Experience" was launched in October, when four combat veterans and four professional coaches from around the country (pictured above) convened at Quiet Waters Ranch for four days of introspection, goal-setting, and spring creek fishing (in 15 inches of fresh snow!). Each month for the next 11 months these warriors will have a call with their individual coach to help hold them accountable to the ambitious goals they set. We are excited to expand our current programming to help integrate deeper ways to serve post-9/11 combat veterans. Joe Esparza, volunteer Team Leader said, “It exceeded my expectations. I was impressed by the receptivity and willingness of the warriors to identify their goals and for the motivation that they had to change their lives.”
A big thank you to Leadership Outfitters and the professional coaches from around the country for volunteering their services and to AT&T Foundation and First Interstate BancSystem Foundation for sponsoring it.