Introducing WQW's Newest Program Model: Built for More

Our most comprehensive, game-changing program is ready to launch — and you helped create it.

It’s been your feedback, your donations, your sponsorship, your volunteering, and your support that made this — and everything that comes out of it — possible.

A year ago, we told you about a project we were embarking on to increase the impact of our program on veterans. We called this project “Program Transformation,” and through it, we set out to develop a program unlike any other, based on years of feedback from veterans, volunteers, supporters, and the brightest minds in human thriving and performance.

Introducing Built for More — a life-changing experience into both nature and self, from which no one emerges the same as before (including us).

Built for More takes Montana’s nature, fly fishing, and supportive camaraderie that we’ve always relied on and amplifies their power with a new online proprietary personal growth program. Over six to twelve months, this expert-informed, multi-stage experience guides veterans to their own individual definition of thriving.

Challenging yet doable, with all costs covered, Built for More sees veterans through their next critical mission — finding deeper connection to themselves, their people, and their purpose.

Today, we’re sharing this information with you, because it’s a big change for our organization and everyone who supports us. We couldn’t be more excited to roll it out.

Earlier this month, we invited veterans from across the country to apply to our 2023 programming. Unlike other years, we did not launch our program application publicly. We made this difficult decision because we knew that with our standby and waitlisted applicants from previous years, we already have more veterans and their loved ones than we have the capacity. In just two weeks after softly launching the Built for More application, we had 489% more applicants than we had spots for. We will do our best to place as many as possible.

As for you? It’s been your feedback, your donations, your sponsorship, your volunteering, and your support that made this, and everything that comes out of it, possible.

Thank you,
The WQW Team