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Meet Kerry, former Army Ranger and WQW Warrior

Usually, when you hear a veteran’s story, the headlines focus only on what they've lost — their brothers, limbs, or battles with suicide. Not often enough do you hear their stories of hope.

Meet Kerry, a WQW Warrior who earned a spot in the famed 75th Ranger Regiment – an element of U.S. Special Operations Command and the U.S. Army’s elite light infantry element. He deployed as a Ranger to combat seven times and had an immense sense of purpose and pride.

When he got out, he had to rediscover himself and find a new purpose. All he needed was for someone to believe in him the same way the Army had.

That’s when Kerry found Warriors & Quiet Waters (WQW). Here's the story of how Kerry found peace, meaning, and purpose through our programs.

You have the chance to make a real and life-changing difference for veterans like Kerry. WQW changes lives every day. Donate to give other veterans the hope that Kerry has found. Link to this page: