Randy Newberg Shares the Story of Hunt For Purpose on Fresh Tracks

This episode of Fresh Tracks shares the story of Hunt For Purpose, showing how WQW and our partners used archery elk hunting to guide our participants to find peace, meaning, and purpose through the demanding pursuit of archery elk hunting. During this program, participants learned the essentials of archery elk hunting, took on a rigorous physical wellness routine, and engaged in a guided discovery process that helped them answer the challenging question of how they can live a purposeful and fulfilling life after service.

"Hunting is that place that teaches us so many valuable life lessons: success hard work, dedication, adaptability, investing in knowledge, all the things that are great skills that are good in business, good for being a parent, good for being a spouse. There's just so many things of elk hunting that have made me the person I am beyond just being an elk hunter."

- Randy Newberg