Profiles in Service: Meet Thomas: A WQW Volunteer Raising $1500 for Warriors in 24 Hours

Profiles in Service: Meet Thomas - a Warriors & Quiet Waters Volunteer Who is Raising $1500 for Warriors & Quiet Waters on Veterans Day

Featuring Thomas Niemann, U.S. Army

For over four years, Thomas Niemann has been a reliable volunteer with Warriors & Quiet Waters.

A retired Army veteran of 20 years of service himself, giving back has always been an important pillar of his existence. Instilled in him by his father when he was a boy, Thomas learned early on that he had a responsibility to give back to communities that had given so much to him.

Since joining the Warriors & Quiet Waters Family, Thomas has helped in almost every capacity possible, serving as a companion, assistant team leader, team leader, bid spotter, and even sorting 10,000 hand-tied flies that were knotted in a ball.

Thomas has an incredible character. We're excited to share how Thomas has impacted other veterans he's met through Warriors & Quiet Waters.

If you feel compelled by Thomas's story, please consider donating to his Veterans Day Fundraiser. Thomas is trying to raise $1500 in 24 hours for us! Thank you, Thomas!

"The notion of service has a lot to do with how someone sees themself. If you feel good enough to give yourself in service of another, that lends itself to an individual's self-esteem both in the giving end and the receiving end. That builds up character on both sides of the equation."

Thomas Niemann