This Veterans Day, we encourage you to #AskAVeteran | Donate to Veteran Causes - Warriors & Quiet Waters
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This Veterans Day, we encourage you to #AskAVeteran

In 2018, I felt frantic on Veterans Day. It was the first year I could recognize my younger brother as a "veteran." I wanted to honor him in a meaningful way. Posting a picture of him on Facebook so my family and friends could thank him for his service wasn't something he'd want. I did Google search after Google search to figure out the best way I could honor my brother.

What I came up with seemed so simple. All I needed to do was ask him. He told me to make a donation to a specific veterans service organization in honor of one of his fallen brothers.

Every Veteran's Day since, I call my brother and ask him how I can honor him, and every year, he gives me the same answer.

This year, I am honored to make a donation to Warriors & Quiet Waters (WQW) in honor of my brother, Sgt Dylan C., and his fallen comrades, Sgt Nathan H. and SPC Christopher H. of the Army's 82nd Airborne Division.

That's how our #AskAVeteran campaign came to be. The best way we can honor our veterans is to ask them how they would like to be honored. Many veterans in the WQW Community have already committed to asking their family and friends to make a donation to our mission. We hope you can join them by making a donation to WQW too.

This Veterans Day, WQW is raising $45,000 to serve our post-9/11 combat veterans. Donations raised this week will be used to help veterans find peace, meaning, and purpose. Please make a donation and help veterans thrive.

Thank you for your support of Warriors & Quiet Waters.

Stevie Thieme
WQW Marketing Director