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Why I Give to Warriors & Quiet Waters

I give because if others hadn’t, I wouldn’t be here.

My dad, a retired Lieutenant in the US Navy, gave 6 years to the Navy. In return, the US Navy gave him the skills of leadership, hard work, and accountability, as well as an opportunity to explore over 100 countries around the world (with his new bride, my mom, meeting him in various ports). He learned the benefits of hard work and perseverance. This was in addition to the US Navy giving him, via the GI Bill, financial support to earn an undergraduate degree from Princeton University, a master’s degree in business from Stanford University, and even a pilot’s license.

The combination of these “gifts” provided my dad the tools and confidence to build businesses while raising a family with my mother. They enabled him to succeed and give me and my siblings a debt-free education. But my dad didn’t stop giving there; he continues to give to his family, providing debt-free education to many of his grandchildren. But more importantly, he gave each of his children and grandchildren the lessons learned from his service in the Navy - leadership, hard work, and accountability. And they are all working successfully in their respective communities.

This is why I give to Warriors & Quiet Waters—I have directly benefited from a US Navy veteran. I have seen those benefits extend beyond me to another generation, and the communities in which he and they live. I have also witnessed the transformational support Warriors & Quiet Waters provides our veterans. This support enables these veterans and their families to find meaning and purpose post-deployment. By gaining a renewed sense of purpose, these individuals, like my dad, are in the best position to give back to themselves, their families, and their communities – making all our communities, and our nation better.

Thanks, Dad, for your many gifts that keep on giving.

Thanks, Warriors & Quiet Waters, for developing and giving proven programs that enable our veterans to thrive in and support their communities.

And thank you to all the Warriors & Quiet Waters current and future Alumni for your service and your unique and valuable contributions as you work to fulfill your own dreams.

This blog post was written by WQW Board Member Peter Nalen.